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Robert Mouawad Private Museum
A New Cultural Conception

The Robert Mouawad Private Museum, located in Lebanon's Beirut Central District, constitutes a perfect mix of artistic oriental and occidental cultures. It is a combination of objects of great value, be it unique collections of books, ceramics, historical columns, Pottery, ancient weapons, unique carpets or sophisticated Jewellery pieces, objets d'art and rare precious stones.

This Arab Palace, built by Mr. Henri Pharaon back in 1911, near the "Grand Serail", was adorned with genuine wooden panels dating from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries. Mr. Robert Mouawad acquired this historical state-of-the-art residence to host his precious collection of fine arts and antique pieces.

Taking into great concern its cultural and architectural importance, Mr. Mouawad projected a new vision of modern technique and technology in rehabilitation and restoration without altering the moral and intellectual dimension of the palace while conserving and keeping its charm. The setting is rich without being tawdry, colourful without being flashy, reposeful without being ostentatious.

Synonymous with the Mouawad tradition and heritage of conceiving and achieving the more refined and most exquisite, The Robert Mouawad Private Museum constitutes a cultural legacy and The cultural reference in the Middle East.

A visitor to the palace is immediately carried back to the romantic epoch of oriental pomp and luxury, the era of subtle beauty, perfect harmony and good taste.